Holly Houston likes to make stuff.
Sometimes that's pottery, sometimes that's images, and sometimes it's a hand knit pair of socks for my boyfriend that has taken me two years and counting.
I live in Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland which is in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
I live in a crumbling blue house by the sea with my kid, who sasses me out constantly, and my boyfriend who makes my website work and helps me with my taxes. 
If you would like to work together on something - email me ! I would love to ! 
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FAQ - that I am making up on the spot, no one has asked me these ever.

Do you still make and sell ceramic tableware? Can I buy some?
No sorry! Not for the time being. I ran a handmade pottery studio for about 4 years and it almost killed me! I freaking love it, still, but I was having so many terrible physical repercussions and that was making me too sad. Pain is a terrible thing ! 
If I am ever making ceramic work to sell, I will definitely send out an email to my mailing list so sign up for that (:

Are you still teaching pottery workshops?
I am teaching one regular term time class every Friday morning at Ceramic College.
It's an awesome place and I am so stoked to be able to teach there. You can find out more about their classes here . 
A little warning, the classes sell out very quickly so don't dilly dally.

How many times have you listened to the full series of Harry Potter on audio read by Stephen Fry?
Thanks for asking, about 5 times now.
I like to listen to it while I fall asleep but my boyfriend has banned it in our house.

I want to do pottery - how do I start?
Find a class in your area! If you are in Auckland I know that Ceramic College is awesome, and Auckland Studio Potters has the greatest reputation. There are also tonnes of art centres and smaller classes happening everywhere, so I would start following lots of local ceramic artists and see if they are running classes anywhere (:
Once you start a class, you can then enjoy thousands of hours on youtube watching pottery videos and seeing all the different ways of making things which is the most exciting thing in the world to a dweeb like me.
Will the first pieces you make be perfect? No cigar, my friend.
Will it still be so freaking exciting? Yes it will.
Good luck!

Which music video should I watch right now to make me feel better about life?
You're welcome.

Email me !
hello @hollyhoustonceramics.com


A candid portrait of the artist.

A candid portrait of the artist.